Wilson Bethel attends The CW Network’s New York 2013 Upfront Presentation at The London Hotel on May 16, 2013.

fangirl challenge: ten ships [10/10] zoe hart and wade kinsella.


”I came all this way to tell you that… you saw more in me, than I ever saw in myself. and I was scared I couldn’t live up to that image. it was easier just to wreck it all, which I did. I know how much I hurt you, zoe. but everything that I have done since, everything that I want to do, is to be that man you saw. and if you would even consider giving me another chance… I’m ready. I’m ready to be here for you in every way. I love you, zoe hart


‘I know. And, uh… I’m sorry.’ 


zoe & wade: in a relationship


‘See you around.’


‘I know that you will win tonight, I believe in you.’